Medical Herbs From Easten Europe

Herbs from the natural state are still there

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We have existed in the market of medicinal raws traders since 2014 and are a new and progressive company. We export, import and grow and process a wide range and large volume of medicinal plants, fruits, roots, flowers. Our company registered in Poland and including also Ukraine enterprises that supply raw from Ukraine to Europe. Our sales are approximately near 300 tons of medicinal herbs per year. Raw has Ukrainian and Polish origin. The herbs of Ukraine are wild harvested and from Poland we selling herbs that are grown on farms. We carefully monitor the quality of the products we offer you. We carefully consider the customer’s requirements for products. We have the equipment for professional prepare the raw materials to your standards. We plan to get eco certification. at the same time we can offer some beekeeping products (propolis and more) You can buy from us small quantities to wholesale lots. We are glad to consumers of any quantities of our products and invite you to shopping and cooperation!